Most of us have our favorites when it comes to monuments. There are those, like Mount Rushmore, created by human hands, and there are those created by nature. Two of my favorites are Bryce Canyon and Arches National Park in Utah. I can’t fathom how long it has taken to create such beauty, but I know that the natural forces at work in our world are constantly eroding and reshaping them.

Otterbein Church was begun 115 years ago and our magnificent sanctuary was completed in 1926. To this day it is a monument to the dedication and sacrifice of the church members at that time who wanted to erect an edifice that was appropriate to honor the God that we serve. Its beauty has inspired generations of members and does so to this day. But is it meant to be a static, stone structure, or one that is constantly being changed and reshaped by the activity and the vision of the current generation?

I’m glad that we have this beautiful sanctuary to remind us of the majesty of God, but I hope together we can be like a force of nature in widening and deepening our faith commitment and our service to others.

Faithfully submitted by a church member