I never expected to pastor through a pandemic, yet here we are. I have not written consistently or often in this blog. It is time to reflect.

I am having to learn quickly how to have an online presence. I dabbled in Facebook and web blogs, but I have never zoomed or live streamed or posted videos. Years ago a pastor colleague said to us, “You either have to retool or retire.” I did not want to hear that at the time. It seemed too trendy.  But now there is no other choice. It is not time for me to retire, so I must learn how to be the church while we are homebound.

I have made phone calls and letters. At this time it is important to practice social distancing so I cannot visit in homes. So I am meeting through the internet and computer. It is good to hear and see and connect.

I have often felt drawn to movies and books that speak about our deep suffering. The HBO movie “Wit” starring Emma Thompson is an adaption of a Broadway play.  I highly recommend the movie. The main character is a  professor of 17th century poetry, namely John Donne. Donne thought he was dying of the plague and during that time, he wrote some of the most powerful works like, “ask not for whom the bell tolls”. He reminds us we are not an island, we are part of the whole. I am a huge fan of Simon and Garfunkel and in their song: “I am a Rock” one lyric is: “I have my books and my poetry to protect me.” I feel that in isolation as I read among my friends, authors dead and alive. Yet Donne, knew through his suffering we are connected.

I know this is a fearful time full of unknowns. Stay safe, stay home, and if you have a moment read the following words of John Donne….