Could you use another family?

As one of our Lenten anthems, the choir sang a piece in which the phrase, “How beautiful is the body of Christ” as the overwhelming theme. At first glance, one might assume that this means the actual body of Christ our Lord, but further reflection leads me to believe the meaning goes a little further. The church is considered the body of Christ here on earth, and as members, we are all one body in Christ. Through many years, I have learned that the Church is not simply a place to go each Sunday morning to be inspired by the sermon or to greet and meet old friends, even though these are important elements. If your family is anything like most, we could use some extra members when we want to share special occasions or cope with tragic events which seem too good or too painful to handle alone.

Yes, the church, even with its inevitable human faults and failures, functions as the Body of Christ here on earth and can sustain all of its members as brothers and sisters in the faith. Otterbein Church has been, over and over for me, the hands, the feet, the arms of our Lord outstretched in any circumstance in which we find ourselves. Come, join our family, and you’ll be blessed with new family members who are truly the Body of Christ!

Sue Trapnell